Doxie in the middle of a bunch of yapping Westies

Mister B in his Thundershirt

Intruso! (intruder) Spia! (spy) Even if the name-calling was all in good jest, being singled out at a westie gathering was the last thing Mister B expected. Oh pleeeaaaase! Haven’t you guys seen enough of these silly white dogs? Poor thing, when he badly wants out of a situation, this is the look. I gotta give him credit for not trying to instigate a fight but that’s because he knew he was outnumbered 88 to 1. That’s major pleading going on behind those beady eyes.

We left the westie reunion not too long ago and are now on the 2nd part of this weekend getaway: a pear sagra in the town of Vigarano Pieve. Pears with cheese and nuts, pear and truffle lasagne, tortelli with pears, pear gelato and more!


5 thoughts on “Doxie in the middle of a bunch of yapping Westies

    1. Rowena Post author

      It was Westie overload! Ugo, Sandy, Willy, Ariel, Dante, Queenie, Red, Trilly, Bianca….they should have had doggie name tags for people to remember who’s who. Now we have to think about doing a Dachshund gathering for the next doggie outing.



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