Peaches, Campari, fennel and sardines?

peaches,-fennel, Campari and sardines?

Heck no, not my idea, yet when I read the recipe (see below) it sounded too weird NOT to try. We’re still experiencing summer-like temps and this is a lite and refreshing alternative to the usual pasta and caprese salads that we tend to eat a lot of during this period. And it’s pretty easy to whip up if you don’t mind working with fresh fish. I’ve made this twice already.


6 thoughts on “Peaches, Campari, fennel and sardines?

  1. Anonymous

    Thank you for this recipe. Fresh sardines are in season and are in plentiful supply and incredibly inexpensive here because it is not widely known how to prepare fresh sardines. Lucky for us:-) We recently were introduced to Andrea Camilleri’s novels by some Italian friends of ours. The novels frequently describe various Sicilan dishes including fresh sardines. We prepared ‘sarde a beccafico’ for some friends from Torino who were visiting in the area and they loved it


      1. Anonymous

        Thank you, yes, I have seen this website. I would love to research more sardine recipes. I understand that Liguria has a typical dish for sardines. Last night we watched ‘The Snack Thief’ with English subtitles. The actor is a lot younger and thinner than the Montalbano that is described in the books:-)


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