Sagra della Capra e della Fersulla

Sagra della Capra e della Fersulla

While it does makes me a little sad to note that this counts as the last of the summer sagre we’ve been to this year, this can only mean that soon there’ll be the ones for fall! But I don’t want to get ahead of myself here, because this goat sagra in Grondona (Piemonte) gets high marks for being very entertaining. I would LOVE to return to this one again. An enormous dancing area, a big inflatable playground for the kids, live music and great food – essentially, the components of a fun evening.

Sagra della Capra e FersullaTip: aside from getting here at least 45 minutes to an hour before the 7:30pm opening time, don’t forget to reserve a table (after paying at the cashier booth). Grab a menu list at the entrance, check the items you want and pay up, then take your food tickets and head to the chow hall at the big tent. There’s a LED display at the entrance, and if the tables are completely full, someone will give you a slip of paper with a number on it. When space is available, your # will show on the LED display. We waited less than 5 minutes before our number was up and once in, food servers took care of the rest and the main meal arrived pretty quickly.

Sagra della Capra e della Fersulla cena

Dinner is served. The capra was prepared into a flavorful goat sauce that was so delicious on top of soft polenta. The one aspect of this sagra that I really liked is that hot dishes were served in ceramic bowls and not the usual plastic that is often used at events like these. Each person also received metal flatware so you gotta feel some sympathy for the guys or gals assigned the task of dishwasher.


Wait, wait, ’cause I gotta take a picture of THESE! I may have to rethink my stand on fried foods because fersulla took me by total surprise. It’s a rather large, flat piece of fried dough, folded in half and filled with cheese (zola and stracchino) or meat (prosciutto and salame). That’s a 12-inch diameter plate in the photo. They were so popular at the sagra and people stood in lines while the aroma of frying bread filled the air.

It's the final countdown!

For those who ordered them but sat in the chow hall, another LED display located inside the food tent lit up when an order was ready to be picked up. A passageway at the end of the tent made easy access to the fersulla stand. The number (on our food ticket) was something like 79 so there was a long wait while we fixated on that display. I passed the time looking at the menu and wishing we had ordered dessert.

a whoppa' of a fersulla

I gotta hand it to the folks at Grondona….fersulla is WELL WORTH the wait!


10 thoughts on “Sagra della Capra e della Fersulla

    1. Rowena Post author

      I could only finish 2/3rd’s of mine (with the meat) and saved the rest for breakfast the next day. It was actually still good, even if cold, so you know that they must use quality ingredients.


  1. Fabio

    Hello sistah, whassup ? I’ve lost your email address as my laptop has been stolen. could you please send me an email so we can get in touch ?
    Thanks, Fabio.


    1. Rowena Post author

      Hola! Sorry to hear about the laptop, but i hope all is okay with you and the ohana. I tried to send an sms from Provenza to wish you all a happy summer, but there was no campo in the middle of the lavender fields 😦 Ecco la mia nuova email!



  2. tesorotreasures

    I just discovered your blog and am thrilled about it! First off, I see that you are from Kauai…just a skip across the Pacific from me in San Francisco! And we were just in Kauai this past February and stayed in Princeville! Gorgeous place! I’m amazed that you now live in Italy! How did that come to be? I’d love to find out! I am so excited to hear about all your eating adventures at all the local events….these small, local events always make me remember the times when I visited my family in Italy and we were taken to the current festa happening in the town. My family lives on Lago Maggiore…the Lombardia side…and the last time I was there, in 2011, we went to the Festa del Oratorio in Sesto Calende! There I had the most delicious polenta with gorgonzola!!! Delicious! I love the fact that everyone gets together and you get to see people you’ve known forever. It’s such a wonderful sense of community! This, to me, is what life is all about in Italy! I look forward to more of your posts!


    PS – I am hoping to bring a group to Piemonte next year…as well as Lago di Como and Lago Maggiore! I want to show others my little corner of Italy…which is so beautiful!


    1. Rowena Post author

      Hi Barbara,
      As the saying goes…it’s a small world! I hope there was perfect weather on your recent trip to Kauai. It’s been almost 2 years since my husband and I went back for a visit. He is northern italian – I liked Italy, he liked Hawaii, but the cards just never played out for us to live in the islands and so here we are.

      I wish I could say that I’ve been to a lot of local celebrations in the Lago Maggiore area, but I’ve got my eye on a site that lists several throughout the year: — You are so right about the sense of community at these small local events, and it really is at these that you get the feeling of being a part of things. It would be wonderful to meet up at one of them!



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