Sagra del Sedano

Through the years we’ve been to many a sagra dedicated to a vegetable – pumpkin, onions, asparagus to name a few – and enjoyed simple yet tasty dishes to be had from something that could so easily have come straight out of my garden. This one for sedano (celery) opened my eyes to what really good celery tastes like, because those cultivated in and around the area of Alluvioni Cambiò have a taste all their own. I thought they were a little bit sweet?

Sagra del Sedano
Clockwise from left: insalata di sedano, bagna caoda (in small cup) con sedano, agnolotti piemontesi, bollito misto with bagnetto alluvionese (the cup of green sauce)

Tip: bring mosquito repellent or wear pants and long sleeves! I don’t know if it was due to the rain or what, but le zanzare invited themselves like how ants will do at a picnic. Despite being a nuisance (they didn’t seem to bother the locals), we tasted all of the celery items plus some traditional dishes from Piemonte. Click on the menu for a look. The insalata di sedano (celery salad dressed in oil, walnuts and parmigiano shavings) was cool and crisp in a blend of sweet, salty, and nutty flavors. I loved the cute celery-sticks-in-a-bag served with bagna caoda dipping sauce, and must say that their bagna caoda is the best that I’ve ever tasted. The piemonte-style agnolotti smothered in grated cheese was EXCELLENT.

The sagra is held next to the church on via Cavour. I get the feeling that if not for the wet weather, a lot more people would’ve been in attendance. And as always in these small town festivals, the welcome and service is very pleasant. Just too bad for the rain. As one of the staff members lamented: Ha rovinato tutto! It (the rain) ruined everything!


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