Once again it’s time for the feast of the Peirbuieira

Photo credit: Rubber Slippers in Italy | original copy

From August 25 to 28, Rocca Grimalda will host one of the most typical festivals throughout the province, the one dedicated to Peirbuieira, a traditional peasant dish of ancient origin based on different kinds of beans with lasagna. Each year, more than 7000 people arrive in Rocca to taste it – that’s how good it is!

The festival takes place under a covered area at the community sports club, commencing at 7pm with a menu based not only of the celebrated dish, but also sausage and polenta with mushroom sauce, roasted and grilled meats, kebabs and much more, accompanied by wines from the association of producers of Rocca Grimalda. Dancing and evening entertainment by the best orchestras.