Sagra del Capù

Sagra del Capù

For an event that draws a lot of folks every single year, it looks empty, doesn’t it? Well that’s because we arrived a half hour early for this sagra in Parre. I wasn’t going to get stuck in a long line, and if Parre sounds familiar, you might remember the Festa degli Scarpinocc which is also held in the same town towards the end of the month. It pays to be an early bird!

Capù e polenta

Capù is simply a stuffed and boiled cabbage roll. The filling is made with bread crumbs, cheese, milk, eggs, butter, and spices, and while that might sound heavy to some, this dish is considered piatto di magro (think lean cuisine) since it doesn’t include any meat. The rolls are traditionally served with polenta.

Formaggio fuso e polenta

To expand the menu, grilled meats were also present for the carnivores, but we took a plate of formaggio fuso (melted) cheese and polenta. Add to this a bottle of white wine and a cold bottle of water, all for a total of 16.50€!

Sagra del Capù

Parre has changed quite a bit since we last visited, and the sagra was held in the new building at the sports field. Lots of seating, very well-organized, and friendly staff. This event also coincides with the International Festival of Folklore which would have been great to see had we stayed for the evening. We did get to see how the capù are made though, as a demo area was set up for curious onlookers. This youtube clip shows more detail on the process.


4 thoughts on “Sagra del Capù

    1. Rowena Post author

      If I had thought to bring the video camera instead, there would’ve been a tutorial on making these stuffed cabbage rolls! The ladies were wonderful in showing how to put these together.



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