Pique-nique, Sénanque, and westie in a lavender field

Westie in the LuberonSpontaneous outdoor meals isn’t an activity that italians have learned to fully embrace (yet) without a religious or national holiday attached to it, so an impromptu picnic is like icing on the cake whenever we vacation in France. The country was made for picnics, and I am just sorry that we weren’t able to do more than a paltry two. Every day felt like a hundred degrees in the shade, and it dictated what we wanted to eat even if that didn’t matter much as the simplest foods are perfectly suited for dining en plein air. A baguette, cheese, salad, fresh fruit, plus a bottle of wine and we’re happy to set up camp wherever there’s a spot to park the car. We’ve even seen people stopped on the side of the road having a picnic breakfast! Maybe for next time?

une pique-nique
Cheap, good eats

Polynesian paralysis
Polynesian paralysis – check my reading material!

Senanque Abbey
The beautiful Sénanque Abbey

Westie in lavender field
Maddie in the lavender fields


8 thoughts on “Pique-nique, Sénanque, and westie in a lavender field

    1. Rowena Post author

      Thanks! At one point, my husband and I felt that we had had enough of lavender, but then the next day you see another field and it’s major excitement all over again. Such a beautiful place.


  1. carlae

    I was talking with a co-worker today….(yes I have a co-worker) about how ‘cold’ it is in Waimea that we can’t spend a lot of evenings eating meals outside. Her reply was, ” Neighbors thing we don’t have stove, always eat outside and talk story” I LOVE Hawaii!


    1. Rowena Post author

      There you are! I have been waiting patiently for an update…of anything. Matter-of-fact, when we were in Provence, I met up with a blogger friend who had previously lived in Kamuela and we got to talking about restaurants on the B.I. She suggested Merriman’s so if you guys ever feel like doing a little splurge…. I’ve never been, but people seem to be enthusiastic about his food.


      1. carlae

        We actually live just up the hill from Merriman’s and we went there to celebrate my getting a job. We overspent on the wine, but it was one of our favorites….yeah it’s pricey togo there, but the parking lot (and then some) is always full.
        I have a more in depth update in draft status, I’ve just been waiting for something to happen other than ‘we went to the beach again today’


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