Home sweet home: Hello Italy!

Although we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves in Provence, I cannot say enough of how great it is to be back home. No more backache from sleeping on too soft beds and pillows, no more pleading with the Mister to eat his dried kibble (he prefers my home-cooked doggie meals), and most of all, no more big, stinky bag of dirty laundry sitting in the back of the car. Packed to the gills with our stuff, shopping bags full of goodies, a dozen bottles of wine, a half dozen baguettes and even a crate of super ripe and intensely fragrant Provence melons, we got home this past Sunday after nearly 11 hours on the road. We slept like rocks that night.

Lavender at sunset
Sunset near Valensole

The timing of the trip couldn’t have been more perfect since harvesting had already begun in some areas. Vast stretches of lavender would just roll by along particular routes – it was an amazing experience! And whether it be in the fields, at a distillery, or after a summer tempest, the unmistakable scent has got to be at the top of life’s little pleasures. On the first day (when we arrived at our b&b in Vinon-sur-Verdon), we continued on to Valensole in the middle of a thunderstorm complete with tiny hail, anticipating the first glimpse of lavender. Wouldn’t you know that it would be their unique perfume, heavy with the wet smell of rain, to invade our nostrils first?

Happiness is: ex-Kauai islander with lavender, fougasse and rosé.

While most of the holiday was in Provence, we kicked things off close to the french/italian border in Pigna, Liguria. Witches, druids, and some of Italy’s most beautiful villages in the next post.


12 thoughts on “Home sweet home: Hello Italy!

    1. Rowena Post author

      You know, if it hadn’t been for the rosé in my other hand, I was planning on giving the shaka sign. Really awesome to be standing in the fields.


    1. Rowena Post author

      It was an adventure in more ways than I could’ve imagined. I’m thinking of naming one post “The Good, the Bad, and the Scary”.


  1. meredith

    I hope you had a good visit. You left just in time…they had a mini tornado in Vinon Sunday night right near the small airport! I’m excited to hear about what wines you chose. Aloha 🙂


    1. Rowena Post author

      I’m reading the news right now, but it’s reporting on a tornado that occurred early Monday morning? There were two??! Glad we left when we did, because we had contemplated staying another night and leaving on Monday if the MotH could have another day of holiday. The wines….how DIFFICULT to choose!



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