Big pizzoccheri dinner (pizzoccherata)


Where: a few miles down the mountain in Monte Marenzo. Pizzoccheri is a toothsome dish made with buckwheat pasta, cabbage, potato, cheese and lots of butter, and while it’s something that we only ever eat during winter, pair italian food + plenty of folks in a communal dining setting and we are so THERE. I had seen the big banner sign for this event last year, yet even if this is the 2nd edition for Pizzoccherata & Sciatt, I don’t feel right about labeling it as a sagra since it’s connected with Telethon. We don’t come across many fundraisers for muscular dystrophy research, but a worthy cause is made even worthier with good food and drink, so go we must!

Sciatt: buckwheat flour and cheese fritters.

Good intentions aside, after attacking 2/3rds of my butter-drenched pizzoccheri, I began to feel light-headed. Must’ve been the wine. Thank goodness for a husband who can step in and finish the job (a man sitting next to us encouraged me to eat the rest but I simply could not!). It was too hot and stuffy in the oratory, the dogs barely had room to move around, so we took the pork sausage sandwich back home and voila! my appetite reappeared. Just as well that we left – this panino was much better with some extra fixin’s.

Pork sausage sandwich

8 thoughts on “Big pizzoccheri dinner (pizzoccherata)

    1. Anonymous

      We had the honor and pleasure of traveling to this region of my best friend and was also able to visit her family’s ancestral farm high above Tirano in the mountains in the Valtellina valley last month. We attended a family reunion and tasted all of their homecured meats, polenta terragna, homemade grappa that was flavored with gathered alpine herbs, homemade wine, etc. Upon returning stateside we very much want to recreate some of these dishes. We live in such a foodie city that I was able to find FRESH pizzocheri noodles, WOW:-) I was able to find buckwheat flour too. I am sure that I can find bitto cheese for the sciatt too…Thanks for posting this often overlooked region’s culinary specialties (at least in the states).


      1. Rowena Post author

        Anon, I am glad that you found this post interesting, and delighted that you were able to procure ingredients for this wonderful dish. I still need to get out to Teglio’s pizzoccheri sagra one of these years, but now that you mention Tirano, I should look up information on food festivals happening there too.


    1. Rowena Post author

      It’s the heat Kat. Just can’t manage when it’s hot and stuffy. Hot with a nice occasional breeze is okay though, like those trades in Hawaii!



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