Well I knew these images would come in handy

Mother's Day bbq 2013

It’s raining. Again. And because it seems that I have somehow managed to “add new post” only when the weather is shtako, what better way than to think back on how beautiful this past Mother’s Day was? We had sun, 70°F temps, Black Angus burgers and lots of veggies on the grill. That Marston’s Oyster Stout more than hit the spot, and for once it felt like summer was a-comin’!

April and May may have come up short on substantial posts but we’ve got a few things up our sleeves for June. I look forward to adding a bit more life to these pages with a visit to Lake Orta, a trip to Provence, and (cross my fingers) an interview with a very talented owner of a new pastry shop/cafe in central Lecco. Until those events transpire (or don’t, due to the weather), here’s a photo taken 2 weeks ago when we were driving through lush vineyards surrounding the church in Cortaccia.

Church at Cortaccia
Cortaccia sulla strada del vino, Bolzano

8 thoughts on “Well I knew these images would come in handy

    1. Rowena Post author

      Tell that to the farmers in the flat plains of ag country – they would send you every last drop. Crops and plants grown for feed are being devastated by the constant rain, so I suspect prices on spring crops to go up this season. 😦



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