Pukka teas and Biscottea shortbread

Pukka teas

I hope this blogging-only-when-the-weather-is-bad won’t become a regular habit but with a 50/50 outcome for the past couple of weeks, I spent every single one of those “good days” where I haven’t been for months: outdoors under the sun without freezing my limbs. Today, as it is, is another rainy one that calls for a cup of what is currently my favorite brand of tea in a bag: Pukka.

There’s a limited selection where I bought these (Il Sole e la Terra in Curno), but I went with the award winners to give them a try. My favorite blend is after dinner (fennel, chicory and cardamom) although I also like it for a mid-morning break with a cinnamon roll. For a zen moment, three fennel is very mild and I’ve also drunk this before bedtime. That leaves night time (oat flower, lavender, lime flower), which, I have to say, was almost medicine-y? At first I thought it was just me and after having had to will myself for the first few cups, I added a splash of milk and that turned things around for the better. It’s like how cream, eggs and sugar tempers the lavender flavor in creme brulee and shortbread.

Biscottea collection pack

Tea justifies the indulgence for delicate cookies and these Biscottea shortbread take it a step further with natural tea flavors. While the box of cookies I got were baked in Scotland, I have a feeling that this american product has already earned plenty of fans stateside. Not overly sweet, with a crisp texture/crumb, the individually packed shortbread are an ideal size for tea-time whenever the mood hits. The blueberry & white tea shown below has a nice berry flavor but nothing hinting of white tea. Too bad I was only able to find this as a mark down item from some holiday promotion early this year.

Blueberry tea shortbread

4 thoughts on “Pukka teas and Biscottea shortbread

    1. Rowena

      Saw those on the website and it would be a nice surprise if Biscoffee showed up here too. Too lazy to bake my own…more easy (and fun) to buy!


  1. Lisa

    Your teas look nummy!! I love tea!! My favorite in my neck of the woods is Earl Grey! Hugz to you! Glad that it is warm there! We have sunny warm weather too!! Have a grand day! Lisa


    1. Rowena

      I tried the Earl Grey shortbread last night and it tasted exactly like the tea. As for the weather…we just hope that June will bring more of the same.



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