Magnum 5 Kisses Limited Edition

Mini Kiss Collection

Inspired by decadent creations from oh-so-chic french pâtisseries, Magnum’s 5 Kisses is the latest frozen craze that I couldn’t help but fall in love with. Crème Brûlée, Meringue et Fruits Rouges, Tiramisù (okay so this one’s italian?), Gateau au Chocolat and Tarte aux Pommes. Fueled by a cool marketing campaign that includes prestigious store locations and an online game, it doesn’t take much to like any of the 5 ice cream bar “kisses”.


But what really sold me on these treats was the tv ad. In one scene, a woman in red stops in front of a french pastry shop. It’s a scene that I think most everyone can relate to, and I know because I pose like that in front of ALL pastry shops. The only difference is that I’ve also got my camera pointing at every single thing on display.


Cute packaging and a unique name for each bar, from the first to last, makes it feel like xmas in your freezer. Should you stick with the numerical order, First Kiss (Creme Brulee) is a sweet surprise with custard flavor ice cream and bits of caramel. I jumped to #5 Stolen Kiss (Tarte aux Pommes) that has vanilla ice cream, apple sauce and pastry bits coated in white chocolate dusted with cinnamon. Superb!

First Kiss Creme Brulee
First Kiss: Crème Brûlée

As mentioned earlier, marketing gurus felt that an online game would greatly enhance the experience, especially if you like tweeting and updating your FB page. I do neither but that didn’t stop me from scoring in the top 10. Play here:


And lastly, a Magnum Pleasure Store recently opened up in Milan (Piazza San Fedele, just a few steps from Luini!). The concept is create-your-own: choose between 2 ice cream flavors, 3 chocolate coatings, and 21 toppings for a personalized ice cream bar. I am so there. <3!

8 thoughts on “Magnum 5 Kisses Limited Edition

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    1. Rowena Post author

      I’m rather addicted to ice cream bars right now and these are still my favorite, no matter what other brand I bring home from the store.


  2. xpat92

    Hi Rowena,
    Who can resist a Magnum? 🙂 Not me, at least… I haven’t tried these minis! That is a trailer that we see in the movie theaters and I think is a pretty good for a short film.
    Happy day to you!


  3. Laura

    Good to know about the Magnum pleasure store (although that sounds decidedly dodgy) – I often get my sandwiches from a bar just around the corner… so I might have to pay a visit.


    1. Rowena Post author

      Dodgy…I know! And to be located next to a church, no less. The only reason my husband would agree to go is because of Luini’s being so nearby. We haven’t visited for years.



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