Now that Easter’s done, April should be fun…shopping

Easter Sunday: Resegone mountain range in Lecco.

Emphasis on the word should, although there’s that wretched saying about April showers which could mean more bleak weather to come. Easter Sunday was actually sunny. Easter Monday (La Pasquetta) brought back clouds and a light drizzle. Under those circumstances the traditional outdoor picnic was a no-go, so we figured why not head to the mall? Some of the big stores were open on this holiday, and probably for the same reason why every other winter-weary person, such as ourselves, ended up happily navigating through the crowded aisles: because there’s nothing like a little retail therapy to cheer things up.

Easter lunch 2013
Easter lunch: gnocchi alla romana and roasted lamb with rosemary.

Ferrero Rocher bunny
Ferrero Rocher’s chocolate bunny.

How was your Easter?


11 thoughts on “Now that Easter’s done, April should be fun…shopping

  1. carlae

    We had the best Easter ever…we drove 15 minutes down the hill to Hapuna Beach and spent most of the day there. Doesn’t get much better than that. 🙂


  2. Jennyff

    Your Easter bunny looks a bit fat, which means extra chocolate. Please make the weather better, we arrive in Lazio on Wednesday and are desperate for warmth.


    1. Rowena Post author

      This weekend is supposed to be the one to herald in spring (for good, I hope). Yesterday it was 13°C and I ditched the sweater before heading outside.


  3. xpat92

    Hi Rowena,
    It was nice to see you on my blog. We had a very quiet Easter; with roast lamb also.
    We also have some stores around home open on Sunday. They are good for a change!
    Cheers to you, my friend.


    1. Rowena Post author

      I know it isn’t very common for stores to be open in smaller, less populated areas, so to have the convenience of shopping on holidays and Sundays is a major….luxury. If there’s nothing better to do, go shopping!


    1. Rowena Post author

      That may the last roasted lamb for awhile until summer arrives. One of our favorite things to throw on the grill is lamb kebabs. They come already threaded on a wooden skewer which makes it so easy to bbq.



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