Sagra del pane meliga

Sagra del Pane Meliga

Held on the 1st Sunday in March, we made a quick stop in Galliate to have a look at what is the smallest sagra that we’ve been to yet. Unlike other events with a huge menu and lots of entertainment, this one was strictly focused on promoting a couple of typical food products. Pane meliga (meliga is corn/cornmeal) can be described as a home-style loaf with a dense crumb. We made a bee-line for the display stand and tried samples smeared with creamy gorgonzola – delicious – and bought a loaf.

pane meliga

The other item was zangarêu, a large oval cookie with raisins. It has a semi-firm texture and very simple flavor that is great on its own or dipped in coffee or a glass of red wine.



4 thoughts on “Sagra del pane meliga

    1. Rowena

      Yes they’ve got cornmeal but it must either be very finely ground or not a whole lot in there. I couldn’t tell that there was cornmeal at all (as opposed to the bread). I found a website that shows how they make it step-by-step, but they don’t give a recipe! []

      It was funny because when MotH asked about the lack of other food stands, an old lady said “you must not be from here, are you?” 🙂



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