Here we go again


It’s not like me to let a week go by without a scribble but seriously, the days are carrying on in super slowmo at the moment. Snow, sun, repeat. February has never been a month for doing much of anything anway, but I can watch only so much tv before it starts getting old (try Dukes of Hazzard and The A-Team and they’re all speaking italian).

Walk cancelled

To say that we all have cabin fever is putting it mildly, and taking the dogs on a 3-mile walk along Rivabella this past Saturday was actually the most fun we’ve had in awhile. If it clears up this weekend, we might do the same, then head over to the newest McDonald’s along the lake. I hear they’ve got a sandwich called Disco Fever.

Walking for fitness


6 thoughts on “Here we go again

  1. Jennyff

    Know what you mean about the telly and when we go back to Lazio its likely we’ll only get the Italian stations. Only a problem in winter so bring on summer when we are permanently outside.


    1. Rowena

      Next winter I will be better prepared with books and knitting projects all lined up. It always happens that come fall, my organizational skills start going into seasonal hibernation as well.



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