Giovedì grassissimo (a very Fat Thursday in pics)

It’s that time of year again! The italian calender is like a big merry-go-around of eating that never stops. As is the custom, we observe both Fat Thursday (giovedì grasso) and Fat Tuesday (martedì grasso) with something very rich, be it sweet or savory, but definitely fried. Usually it’s a traditional italian treat, but sometimes I like to get fancy and fly a different flag at the table. Wikipedia can be extremely useful like that, but instead of another version of the filled donut, this year I’m borrowing on the greek custom of tsiknopempti (Bbq Thursday) for part of tonight’s dinner.

Looking back at some of the delicious indulgences that I’ve made or kitchen-tested for these “fat” holidays made me realize one thing only: how love handles are born.

Gnocco fritto e mortadella
Gnocco fritto and mortadella

Bomboloni or krapfen or filled donuts
Bomboloni or krapfen, otherwise known as filled donut

Papanasi, a dessert from Romania that is nothing more than a donut-shaped pastry made with cottage cheee, sugar, lemon zest, egg, flour and baking soda. Heavy cream and fruit jam sauces turn this into a divine treat.

Chocolate gelato-filled croissant
Nothing fried in this photo but it meets the requirements for rich and sweet with all that sugar, eggs, milk, butter and chocolate.

Pork ribs, peking-style
If I had known about the greek Barbecue Thursday from day one, these peking-style pork ribs would’ve been more than summer’s standard cookout fare.


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