Who let the dogs out? Malamute meetup

Alpe Giumello

Sunday morning at Alpe Giumello. If I had known ahead of time how busy this place would be, I might not have bothered to get out of bed. But thanks to perfect weather, Disney films featuring sled dogs, and fans of man’s best friend, a chance to see Alaskan Malamutes was too good to resist for a lot of people yesterday. We were among many who turned up for Malamute Day 2013 and while it isn’t anything like the Iditarod, a day out on the snow never fails to put some pep in winter spirits.


An area was set aside for sled dog trials which looked like a lot fun, but as expected, the dachshund wasn’t too keen on all the fuss. Maybe one day when Italy will have wiener dog racing…

The 'kids' at Alpe Giumello


3 thoughts on “Who let the dogs out? Malamute meetup

    1. Rowena Post author

      It was fun watching one of the dogs howl like a wolf and “talk”. I wish we could get the Mister to talk like that….he only grunts or growls.



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