Kit à tarte by Goulibeur

As much as I love a good homemade apple cobbler, pie or tart, it isn’t something that I prefer to bake because of the work involved. I’m okay with apple slices on store-bought puff pastry but start talking deep-dish double-crust and I’m like…forget it. Well here’s something that made things a lot less fussier: Goulibeur’s Kit à tarte.

Goulibeur Kit à tarte - 7.49€ at Esselunga

Brought in by Esselunga supermarket just in time for the holidays, the kit includes 1 wooden baking form, 2 galettes, and 2 baking papers. All you need is a kilo of fresh fruit (per tart), sugar and some butter. At 6.5 inches in diameter it’s enough for 4 servings.

Apple tart using Goulibeur's tart kit

Step-by-step instructions are printed on the lid of the container. The trickiest part was trying to play Tetris with the apple wedges. You have to pack them in very tight as they will shrink during baking. The type of apples to work with isn’t specified, but I used a couple of varieties (Ambrosia and Pink Lady) that holds its shape after baking.

Apple cinnamon-raisin

On the first bake I followed the instructions down to the letter. Way too sweet and rich for us. On the 2nd attempt I skipped the additional sugar and butter and made a small amount of cinnamon-sugar mixture to sprinkle on top. I also added golden raisins (plumped up in warm water first). The instructions also say to trim the fruit so that they are even with the top of the rim. I find that wasteful and they’ll shrink anyway, so I only trim the apple wedge for it to stand up straight in the tart and leave it at that. Apples aren’t the only fruits they suggest. Pear, peach, plum, pineapple, banana…too bad this kit wasn’t brought in during the summer fruit season.


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