Cheesy jalapeno pizza

I’m not much into sitting down to a decent lunch when I’m home by myself (leftovers of any kind or a bag of potato chips will do) but when the MotH takes sick days off from work, it’s only natural to whip up something tasty for lunch. What to make? Usually it’s a quick pasta, but today I felt like something with lots of cheese and spicy hot peppers. Sounds like pizza. And anyway, chile peppers are supposed to have loads of vitamin C, right?

Pizza as easy as 1-2-3

I can probably make pizza dough with my eyes closed. I grab a kilo bag of all-purpose “00” flour, pour half of it in a bowl, mix in a couple teaspoons salt and make a well in the middle. 280ml of warm water goes in along with a tablespoon of olive oil and 1 cube of fresh yeast (25 grams). Let the yeast dissolve, stir everything to blend, turn out onto a work surface and knead until smooth. In summer my dough will double in size in no time at all, but in winter I’ll place it next to the wood-burning stove to give it a boost.

Cow milk mozzarella and jalapenos

The non-acidic taste of Pummarò tomato sauce works in all of my recipes so I am never without a few bottles. On pizza its velvety texture stays put because it isn’t watery. I only need to drain the mozzarella (cow’s milk, not buffalo) because they tend to shed a lot of liquid as the pizza bakes.

Jalapeno and mozzarella

Does freezing jalapenos compromise the scoville potency? I thought jalapenos were hot, but the 3 that were used had no heat at all. Could be just us. We’re accustomed to flames coming out our nostrils.

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