In my next life I wanna be a…

Cat, butterfly, POTUS not!, a woodcarver! In Castione della Presolana there’s a woodwork shop named La Bottega dell’Artigiano that is impossible to miss when driving through town. We were on our way to the sheep parade in Bratto when I spotted a larger-than-life Pinocchio and a multitude of carved knick-knacks.

La Bottega dell'Artigiano

I deeply admire all artists who can turn a simple piece of wood, marble or blank canvas into remarkable treasures, but it is wood that I appreciate most. A good example were a couple of beautiful sushi trays that I had to leave behind before moving to Italy. Made from koa wood, they possessed an understated elegance that made all of my amateur (read: lopsided) sushi look more appetizing.

La grolla

This is called la grolla and coppa dell’amicizia (friendship cup) interchangeably. The norm is to have atleast 1 person more than the number of spouts on the cup, and in that way you end up sharing and drinking from a different spout as the cup gets passed around the table. None of that ‘ewww! You put your lips on there’ nonsense.

Wooden porcini

Not as comestible as the real ‘shroom but look how cute! I was tempted to get these porcini but my small collection of wooden elephants and a rooster gathers enough dust as it is. Apart from those, the only other thing I’d love to own is a German cuckoo clock of which MotH will concede to only if I put it downstairs where he can’t hear it.

Special reminders on this date: on this day 5 years ago, MotH decided to kick the smoking habit, and last year we were hanging with the locals under a hawaiian sun.

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