Zucche & Zucchette | Pumpkins & Gourds

Pumpkins! pumpkins! pumpkins!

Pumpkins of all shapes, sizes and colors, and for only 1€/kilo. This photo was taken last year when we attended the Sagra della Patata in Lazzate. I was so impressed by this display that we made it a point to return this year in hopes that the same vendor would be there again. They were, and the prices were still at an easy-on-the-pocket 1€/kilo. We got an Iron Cap (the green one below), Uchiki Kuri and a wedge of Musquée di Provence totaling almost 8 pounds altogether. This time I was able to obtain a little bit of info about the persons with a passion for growing a variety of cucurbita.

Zucche & Zucchette6 years ago we started cultivating only certain types of pumpkins; today our passion and curiosity has lead us to sow more than 20 varieties characterized by colors, shapes, sizes and different uses.

Pumpkin trio

According to the informational flyer, Zucche & Zucchette will be at the following towns:
October 7, 2012 – Gavirate (VA)
October 21, 2012 – Agra (VA) and Cagno (CO)
October 28, 2012 – Caldana (VA)
November 11, 2012 – Albiolo (CO)

I did a crosscheck and found that the dates coincide with various sagre, feste and a fiera.

October 7, Gavirate (VA) – Festa della Zucca

October 21, Agra (VA) – Festa della Zucca e Castagnata

October 21, Cagno (CO) – Sagra della Patata

November 11, Albiolo (CO) – Fiera di San Martino


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