Do-it-yourself Oktoberfest at home

I wouldn’t mind heading over to Munich atleast once for the real deal, but even if that should never happen, celebrating Oktoberfest with proper food and drink is as easy as the nearest big chain supermarket. Here comes the plug: Auchan rules. They’re a french retailer, no less, and they carry a wide assortment of foodstuffs from various european countries.

The starter plate

Oktoberfest nibbles

Clockwise from the top: Zuccato brand pickles (the only crunchy pickle I’ve found in Italy), homemade black bread, brezels, reiberdatschi (potato pancakes that are a snap to make), cumin seed crackers, landjäger (a type of dried salami that is excellent as a hiking snack), and sauerkraut in the middle.

Meat, fish and cheese

Oktoberfest fish, meat and cheese

Now while a big, fat hendl (roast chicken) would look good as a centerpiece, chicken wings (seasoned in a Texas-style rub) added a wonderful burst of flavor. Bratwurst of any kind, steckerlfisch (grilled fish on a stick) and kaninchenbraten (roasted rabbit) fills in for more protein. Obatzda is a cheese spread “must”, as in, if it looks like that then it must be good. I swear that it is – on everything from scrambled eggs to a broccoli and onion casserole bake.

Starches and stuff

Oktoberfest starches

Käsespätzle (cheesy pasta) and knödel (bread dumplings) are actually foods that I cook from time to time when the mood hits. The bread dumplings – known as canederli in this country – were store-bought and a far cry from homemade ones.


Oktoberfest beers

A half-liter of each to celebrate and they were pretty cheap (1.19€, 1.29€ respectively).

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