Mr. B’s momentum equation: p = mv

When is a lizard not really a lizard? And when does a bunch of drying peppers resemble a multi-tailed reptile on the wall? Only a dog knows. Outside hangs a garland of cayenne peppers that you wouldn’t think twice about unless, perhaps, you had the mind of a dachshund. Yesterday we were witness to something short of genius when Mister B, in his hard-headed determination to reach his goal, did a bit of calculating and came up with p = mv. Now if you’re a rocket scientist you’ll recognize that as the momentum equation. From wikipedia: “The momentum of a particle is traditionally represented by the letter p. It is the product of two quantities, the mass (represented by the letter m) and velocity (v).”

When Mr. B disappears in the video, he is running to the opposite side of the terrace to gain momentum on the return. The first time he did it, my jaw dropped to the ground before I moved to grab the camera. It was so hilarious! Now if he could only find truffles…


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