Sagra della Lumaca

Sagra della Lumaca

Finally, a snailfest! I’ve always wondered how the italian lumaca measured up to the french escargot. If the above image looks familiar, it’s because 2 months ago when we were in Valle Lomellina (Pavia province) for the Sagra del Riso, the lumaca announcements were already up and in your face. Yummy, tender, delectable little creatures them snails. I have nothing but compliments for the hardworking group of folks who labored to make this event happen. Organized, courteous, efficient but most of all, the food was good and cheap!

Sagra della Lumaca menu

“We came all the way here to eat snails so snail’s what we’re gonna eat!” We weren’t the only ones to feel this way and it was funny to listen in on what others were deciding to order. Come on now, if you’re going to drive the distance into rice country you may as well be like us and order EVERYTHING on the menu with snails in it. The line to the cashier moved fairly quick (there were 3 cashiers on hand). Each dish had a correlating ticket. Pay for your selection (cash only), gather up your tickets, and head toward the cafeteria-style line to get your orders filled. Tons of seating under canopy cover. There was also the option to take your snails to go, so again, loads of compliments to the event organizers.

Antipasto di lumache Tagliolini al pesto di lumaca
Lumache in bagna calda Lumache in umido

Clockwise from top left: antipasto di lumache – lumache in salsa verde, frittata di lumache, spiedino di lumache, crostini with paté di lumache; tagliolini al pesto di lumaca, lumache in umido (tomato-based) with polenta, lumache in bagna calda (very garlicky!) w/polenta. Add a bottle of Barbera, water and 2 coffees…a steal for only 33€.

Sagra della Lumaca

They only had medium sizes which would’ve been a little too big on me so I didn’t get the tshirt. In any case, it was a fantastic time out in Valle Lomellina and a superb way to transit into September and (crossing fingers) more fall food festivals.


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