Bagel Friday: don’t it make my bagels blue?

Blueberry & Almond bagels

I had such high hopes of creating something extraordinarily delicious but all I got was a big blue mess. I added wild mountain blueberries and chopped almonds to basic bagel dough, and while the end result might look alright, the flavor just wasn’t satisfactory enough.

Blueberry bagels unbaked

Kneading the frozen berries into the base dough was a bit of a disaster. At first I thought the berries would drop the temperature of the dough and drastically slow down the rising process, but in effect the worse part was the ensuing moisture when cold berries met warm dough. It was bleeding blue all over the place! Yet with a little patience and a light dusting of flour every so often, I whipped that marbled mass into good form and eventually got to shaping them into rings after the first rise. Cute and fun but not worth the effort.

Mirtilli from Valle Spluga

On the way to Heidiland last week, we made a quick stop in Madesimo and bought mountain blueberries at Moiola Market. These were 22€/kilo — not so hard on the pocket when purchased in small containers.

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