Now here’s a red wine that was made to be drunk chilled

“Blech, it kinda reminds me of Lambrusco!”

Now that statement alone should say how much (or how little) I think of Lambrusco wine, but the MotH who knows better than to gulp and spew glib opinions, sat for a moment without uttering a single word.

“Close your eyes and take another sip,” he tells me. “It tastes like white wine.”

I really can’t explain how that whole “taste with your eyes closed” trick worked, but function it did, and suddenly it’s no longer Lambrusco and I’m leaning towards a…. Chardonnay? Only recently have I started seeing ads for Fichimori’s innovative summer rosso and couldn’t resist the markdown price of 5.90€ (from 9.20€) at Esselunga. Produced from 100% Negroamaro in Salento, the grapes go through a cold maceration process to extract the varietal aromas, color and flavor compounds. The cool result? A red wine that not only goes well with the usual grilled meats that you’d find at a summer barbecue, but also fish dishes, both cooked and raw. Sushi, anyone?

Pasta with pesto trapanese Tuna croquettes in tomato sauce

Last weekend’s Sunday lunch was penne with a very delicious pesto trapanese as illustrated by MariaGiovanna on Sharing My Italy. For a second course, I used raw tuna for croquettes (mixed with pine nuts, mint and golden raisins) in tomato sauce. Excellent dining al fresco even if here in the chestnut forest it isn’t nowhere as hot as the rest of Italy. It still feels strange drinking a thoroughly chilled red, but closing your peepers for the first sip does seem to make the difference between tasting Lambrusco and tasting white. Cin-cin!


3 thoughts on “Now here’s a red wine that was made to be drunk chilled

    1. Rowena Post author

      I’ve made your recipe twice for entertaining and it was a big hit on both counts. It’s also a great conversation starter for those who only know of the ligurian pesto!



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