Pecorino that you can eat with a spoon

Pecorino cheese spread by Rubber Slippers In Italy
Pecorino cheese spread, originally uploaded by Rubber Slippers In Italy on Flickr.

That’s right, now you can have your pecorino and spread it too. When most people think of pecorino cheese it’s either pecorino romano, toscano or sardo, all of which are semi-hard to hard cheeses in consistency. What I’ve got here is something altogether different. Made from pecorino and water, it’s an alternative to philadelphia cream cheese or formaggio spalmabile (not that I buy that stuff anyway with the exception of when I want to make cheesecake) and is great on bruschetta or crackers. I didn’t think the chile pepper version was hot enough but that’s where pepper flakes come in handy so it didn’t matter much. The company is totally into social media and along with Twitter and FB, can be found at the following addresses.


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