Cooking with Mamma Agata’s pasta

Mamma Agata's pappardelle

Yes I know it’s just plain mean to display mouth-watering images without a recipe but how could I not share this? Pasta with italian sausage and bell peppers, lemon cake, roasted vegetables, plump and fluffy gnocchi! Ever since writing about Mamma Agata a few months ago I’ve been using her pasta and trying recipes, often repeating them because the end results were soooo delicious. Both of her pasta (bronze-cut spaghetti and pappardelle) belong in a gourmet food store and if you don’t mind paying for quality, is available at her site as a multi-pack order. Personally, I would like to see her products in Eataly as I’m sure many of her fans would too.

Mamma Agata's Lemon Cake Roasted eggplant & bell peppers Gnocchi with artichokes & dried tomatoes

Speaking of fans… Mamma Agata was recently featured on Martha Stewart’s blog. Makes me wish we lived on the Amalfi Coast, hosting dinner parties and sipping limoncello all summer long.

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