The Bagel Factory in Milan: it’s favorite, not favourite!

The Bagel Factory

They’ve got poppy seed, pumpernickles [sic], cinnamon raisin, cranberry, everything, onion and more. Their menu is in english with italian translations and they even serve american decaf. Did someone just drop me off in the good ol’ USA? In this 2nd episode of Bagel Friday (oh the drama!), we take a look at the most recent addition to the ever-expanding presence of american influences on the Milano food scene. Note that I’ve already pointed out the confusion in their spelling of the word favorite. Please! We yanks split from the brits well over 2 centuries ago!

Color me jaded, but by now any eatery that has something to do with being “american” is regarded with amusement. Firstly, they’re not in the city because of expats like myself – they’re here for those with an adventurous palate for cuisines around the world. Milan is wonderful like that, yet of the several italian bloggers that had gone to check out The Bagel Factory, not all made clear mention of the bagels being new york-style.

Wooh yeah! They rope instead of poke, boil them in a water bath, and they even use bagel boards!! Firm, slightly crisp exterior with a nice chewy crumb. My only gripe are the filling portions. We ordered a NY pastrami & swiss (8.50€) and I was dismayed to see what little there was in the middle. All bagels are priced at a very reasonable 1.50€ and I’m looking at this and thinking 7€ is what’s sitting in between? When we head out there again it’ll be just for bagels to take home. I want to test if they freeze well.

Noi facciamo i bagel così | We make the bagels like this

NY Pastrami & Swiss bagel


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