Bagel Friday

Black rice flour bagels

Yes I do realize what dreaded emotions the 13th inspires in some, and maybe for this is why black rice flour bagels makes perfect sense for today. And for every Friday (well almost) hereafter until I get tired of making them. They’re not so much black as they are purple, and the softer, bread-like texture is probably due to rice flour being gluten-free. The proportions are 1 part rice flour to 5 parts all-purpose (tipo “00” in Italy). A hint of sweetness makes this nice as a toasted breakfast bagel with cream cheese, but I also tried them fresh out of the oven with Bordier’s salt butter with seaweed. Not bad, although the gourmet butters were meant for more than just this.

Bordier butter on bagels

The recipe for this bagel is similiar to that of the furikake bagel, except that amounts are 2½ cups all-purpose (or bread flour) and 1/2 cup black rice flour. Water bath or not, is a matter of preference. I like mine to take a bath, and made 6 large ones out of the batch of dough.

Black rice flour bagelwich


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