Sign language

It’s all in the signs. This past Saturday marked the beginning of summer discounts from north to south but according to online reports (and even from my mother-in-law), sales have been anything but. “They’re complaining”, she says of the store owners. Being at one time a clothing shop owner herself, she pretty much knows the negozi di abbigliamento in her area. People are opening their pockets less, or not at all given the current economic situation, but as markdowns typically run until early to mid-September, only time will tell if sales push past lukewarm levels. I’m heading into Milan this weekend, and it is NOT for the sales.

Some shops use an altogether different approach to seduce potential customers. A gigantic advert – I’d say 15×10 foot – is plastered along the main road in Vercurago but its placement on a curved wall makes it impossible to clearly read what the sign is all about. All you see is a flash of ass and I’m thinking, hot pants? New anti-cellulite miracle cream?

There is room for everyone.

And then there are signs that have nothing at all to do with trying to sell some thing other than an idea, or rather suggestion, of sharing street space. Even before the Giro d’Italia passed through back in May, the skinny, winding road leading up to the chestnut forest has always drawn cyclists like flies. This sign was up not too long after the Giro, and so far there’s only been one 2-wheels meets 4-wheels accident since then. Slow down you morons!

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