Little dogs love the gardens at Chateau de La Ballue

Chateau de La Ballue entrance

I would like to know if little dogs are allowed entrance into the gardens.
Thank you in advance.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
>>>Re: Vous avez reçu un nouveau message de Rowena

It is possible to visit the gardens with a little dog if he has a good behavior!!
Kind regards.

The dachshund can take only so much of strange everything in strange places, so I penciled in a visit to La Ballue for a change of pace. Located in a peaceful country setting surrounded by agricultural fields and happy french cows in open pastures, the chateau’s classical and mannerist gardens offered a different experience from the botanical ones at the villas on Lake Como. Passing from one garden style to the next gives a surreal feeling of wandering along a labyrinthine maze that is accentuated with an actual labryinth in the center.

Chateau de La Ballue

The labryinth itself is nothing like the challenging evergreen puzzles that you might think of, but more of a whimsical space meant to compliment the rest of the garden’s playful aspects. In the attrape grove below, a trick fountain is activated when a metal plate (at the bottom between the stone tiles) is stepped on. Too much fun! Suddenly a spray of water hits the unsuspecting human…or dog.

The attrape grove

The nearly 5 acres of well-tended space doesn’t take much time to walk through but it begs to be explored slowly to discover all of the hidden nooks and crannies that only little dogs can get to. We thought that it was especially beautiful with the roses and spring flowers in bloom. The chateau is also run as a chambre d’hote but is not open to the public.

Down at the Ballue


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