From Lecco to Le Mont

Le Mont Saint Michel

800 miles and 2½ days later. We made it! Geographically speaking, ‌“Le Mont” isn’t even in Bretagne. Located off the mainland in Lower Normandy, it’s right about where both regions border on each other. We’ve been throwing imaginary darts on an imaginary map of France since our last road trip in 2006, so to be able to be granted some holidays and head out to Mont-Saint-Michel with the dogs was a monumental deal. Seen for the very first time, MSM is unbelievably…holy cow, how can you truly describe a place like this? I’m not even a practicing catholic yet all of a sudden it’s angels singing hallelujah! and me with a dumbfounded look on my face, jaw to the ground in a permanent WOW! Seen on successive occasions from different positions and at various distances around the bay – as a solitary presence from the windswept Manche coast, or as a tiny silhouette on the horizon from the seaport village of Cancale – only served to confirm why Le Mont is said to be the second most visited site in France.

Mr. B wedged himself in a corner between the backseat and the plug-in cooler, and never made a sound.

All in all, the whole driving ordeal wasn’t as bad as I initially thought. The doxie maintains that that is not true. French motorways A6/Autoroute du Soleil to Paris, A11/L’Océane to Rennes, A43 from the Frejus tunnel and the A7 to the Mont Blanc are class acts. I wish Italy had rest areas – aires – like the french: lots of picnic tables, working toilets (okay some were turkish-style), recycle and trash bins, and playground areas for the little ones at some stops. We broke up the drive with a double overnighter in Bourgogne going both directions. That left us with 3½ days ducking in and out of the fickle Bretagne weather and indulging in the ‌“Breton experience”. What is the Breton experience? Well I can tell you that it has a lot to do with food…

Snack food on the autoroute

First stop in France: the autoroute snack shop. I can’t remember when was the last time I laid eyes on a chicken wrap made with tomato tortillas. I couldn’t resist the fig cookies, lavender chocolate, a tasty chicken salad, apple sauce and the ultimate mess maker in any car: potato chips.


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