Back from Easter holidays

Osteria della Dispensa by Rubber Slippers In Italy
Osteria della Dispensa, originally uploaded by Rubber Slippers In Italy on Flickr

If this photo is any indication as to how we spent Easter, then please excuse me while I try to figure out when we can do the whole thing all over again. We returned home late Tuesday afternoon and I had much to share about this trip, but along with some great memories and cool foodie discoveries, I also brought back a nasty cold. I should have drunk more wine.

Despite that minor setback, we explored a part of northern Italy that I never knew existed. If someone says Verona, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Romeo & Juliet? Too many tourists? Vinitaly? Well less than 16 miles southwest of the city but still within the province, the world takes on an altogether different pace. In this tranquil area where Lombardy and Veneto is more or less divided by the Mincio river, everything is gentle hills, vineyards, acres of fruit trees and beautiful picture-perfect hamlets that exude nothing but romance. More to come in the following posts.


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