Saturday at Calusco D’Adda and markets in Lombardy

L'Arancia Dei Desideri

Looking for a schedule of weekly markets in Lombardy? The link below gives the where, when and how of all major provinces, and as such catapulted the idea to go mercato-hopping for a change of scenery. The sheer numbers of Calusco D’Adda’s mercato (Bergamo province) are impressive, with 32 food stands and 81 non-food stands in a 49,000 square foot area. It should be noted, however, that bigger does not necessarily translate into better, and it was confusing to discover food vendors scattered from one end to another (in Lecco they are all grouped in one section). The prices were also slightly higher but one good thing to come of it were these sicilian tarocco giallo oranges. At 85 eurocents per kilo (that works out to just over 50 cents/pound), we bought an entire flat. The pulp isn’t 100% red like the moro blood oranges but they are fantastically juicy and sweet with a hint of tang.

Market Calendar for Lombardy

Trolleys, Km 0 and early bird gets the fresh bread

If you’ve been to an italian market you’ll know that shoppers, especially grandmas, pull along a 2-wheeled shopping bag to tote their purchases back home. Well here’s a fairly new idea aimed at those who drive instead of walk. Calusco D’Adda’s market introduced shopping carts for customer convenience, yet the concept might still be a little too foreign to accept.

Carrelli spesa

Asparagus – from Mexico! Shipped in from a Los Angeles distributor. I realize that it isn’t always possible to maintain a km zero ethic but this leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. Italy does cultivate asparagus…you just have to wait until they’re ready. My only concession is tropical fruit from South America. Italy can’t do pineapples and bananas.

So NOT km 0

The way you market yourself makes all the difference in the world. Having the aroma of fresh, warm bread wafting out of your space is one thing but this in-your-face sign will jar even the most forgetful of memories.

Pane fresco

On the way home. This large magnolia came as a stunning surprise as it was in full bloom. The only flowering going on at ours is the bunch of peach branches brought indoors for forcing. Spring is a-comin’…

Magnolia tree


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