Saturday market and shopping for a grill

Lecco's Saturday mercato in March

A beautiful day best spent out and about before Sunday’s predicted fugly weather rolls in. Spring can’t arrive soon enough in northern Italy. It’s obvious that the sunshine got to our heads by the end of the day.

Spiny artichokes

Spiny artichokes (very tender – tenerissimi – says the sign), 10 for 3.50€. They require much patience in cleaning. Excellent eaten raw in a salad with thin shavings of pecorino romano and dressed simply with olive oil, a little bit of freshly squeezed lemon juice, salt & pepper.


Lampascioni/Muscari comosum. A tiny edible bulb found in southern italian cuisine, lampascioni preserved in oil has a bitterness that really rubs my tongue the wrong way.

Orange vendor

Lecco Bike Sharing programAbove: orange you glad it’s almost spring? That orange vendor is still selling from the same spot since the beginning of the year but now you get less bang for the buck. Two months ago it was 3 crates for 10 euros.
Right: Lecco’s new move towards lowering traffic congestion – the Bike Sharing rental system. I’d like to see this work out but if Saturday was any indication, people still love their cars.
Below: at home-improvement/gardening giant Leroy Merlin. We discovered that the Mister prefers being in a cart where the “bars” separate him from the rest of the world. I put the westie in afterwards and she was like, WTH? How am I to be the ambassador of good will in this stupid cage?

Mister B in a shopping cart

Weber's "rosso fico"

Yes we did, and it was the last Weber in that color – rosso fico/red fig. Big enough to fit my paella pan! I’ve had it with cheap ones that fall apart after a couple of seasons, and with a 10-year guarantee this is a good investment.

Westie goes ballistic at the carwash

Still slighted from being put into a shopping the cart, the westie has always hated car washes. Seven kilos of raging fury jumping from driver to passenger seat and she does not let up until the water stops.


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