I wasn’t the only one hanging laundry this morning

Laundry in winter

Heck why not! Then, when the laundry is stiff and dry as stockfish, all it needs is a quick spin in the dryer to get everything in soft and wearable order. Not once have I regretted getting an electric dryer in a country where Bounce® doesn’t even exist, but with energy rates going up this year, I’ll have to occasionally put the clothespins to good use.

Necessity is the mother of invention

The top and bottom photos share something in common that only a pragmatic person like myself could love. Bulky sweater sleeves are the bane of winter’s wardrobe in the home, and if there is one thing that irks me most, it’s when sleeves slide down past my elbows while I’m washing dishes, bathing the dogs, kneading bread dough, or scooping ashes from the stove. Here, they get upcycled as legwarmers, tucked into double socks for extra warmth.

Makeshift legwarmers


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