Beef stew reconstructed

Whole onion beef stew

Whole onion stuffed with beefI can’t remember the last time I put beef stew on the dinner table and was inspired to create this dish after reading Kat’s post. The beef used here is an inexpensive cut that I had cooked earlier this week. Onions, red wine, bay leaf, salt and black pepper were the only flavoring ingredients, and after shredding leftovers the following day, the caramelized bits were scraped from the bottom and water added for about 2½ cups of broth.

I used the largest onions possible (12 ounces), cutting off the top third, scooping out the interior, and leaving a thickness of 3 layers. The cavity of the onion was seasoned with salt, pepper and a drizzle of olive oil before stuffing with shredded beef. To secure the tops, use toothpicks. The onions, along with about a half inch of beef broth, were oven-braised at 400°F in a covered pot until done; about 70 minutes. In the meantime, the carrots and potatoes simmered in the remaining broth until tender, then removed and set aside. The broth is thickened with a flour slurry and checked for seasonings. Just before serving, the veggies went back into the sauce to reheat, then plated along with a whole onion and a sprig of rosemary.


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