Open-air art gallery in Arcumeggia

Il soldato che non vuole la guerraLa galleria all’aperto dell’affresco. Located 15 miles northwest of Varese, Arcumeggia gained recognition after the provincial board for tourism turned it into a painted village in 1956. A league of italian artists added life to the old walls, creating a suggestive place in a rather isolated spot in the mountains. Some of the paintings are chipped or have faded through the years, yet it’s difficult to not appreciate the timelessness of it all while exploring the silent cobblestone streets. There were no other visitors while we were there, so I’m not sure if the village sees more people during the rest of the year. FYI: the 2 miles before reaching the village is a narrow stretch of winding road, blind curves and hairpin turns up the mountain.


And for a different kind of art in Lecco

Lecco street art

Back in October of 2011, the event Lecco Street Art was set into action at via Ferriera. One of the boldly colored works is an 8-bit style pixel image of a blue penguin created by artist Pao. He produces a clever animation in this brief youtube clip.

Uploaded by PaopaoStudio on Oct 25, 2011 –


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