Santa Paws wishes for snow

Mistah Santa Paws

I guess I should shut up and be grateful for the fact that there are no wet paw prints tracking in and out and all over the house, but the lack of snow this year is taking all the magic out of the festivities. The whole winter wonderland bit, watching flakes dance outside while we sit indoors next to the fire, getting all bundled up just to stand in the snow with a mug of hot cocoa in hand, the mighty snow plows barreling (and yeah those machines can move!) up and down our skinny mountain roads – hello, we need snow!

This year we’re keeping it simple for Christmas eve dinner in anticipation of a big lunch on Christmas day. Just the four of us as we prefer it. No dressing up, just eating at our leisure, but most importantly, having our “kids” celebrate with us. It always pains me when I can’t take them along wherever we go (remember, these are dogs that go to restaurants, stay in hotels and shop in Ikea). The westie is used to being left behind, but the doxie – if the doxie starts putting on his sad face then I’m done.

I'm just sayin...


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