What every ex-kama’aina needs for Christmas

Foodland Poke Bowl toteFoodland’s reusable shopping bag. I should be getting paid to plug this product but I don’t think marketing was ever a problem from the beginning, plus I’d guess that it’s already a collector’s item fetching several Hamiltons on ebay. Don’t they just scream out Hawaii? There’s a Poke Bowl tote and a Musubi tote – both also come/came in insulated zipper-top versions as well.

I had no idea that Hawaii had finally caught up with the times and started replacing plastic sacks until my dad told us to use his synthetic fiber Walmart totes. My youngest sister presented these as parting gifts when we left Kauai in October, but of course only recently did I get up enough nerve to devalue their worth by actually using them. Bags from supermarkets here are about 1½ times bigger but not as colorfully …decorative. Are you listening supermercati?

Foodland Poke Bowl tote
Poke Bowl tote sides.

Foodland Musubi tote
Musubi tote sides.


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