Non sarò mai stufa della stufa!

I’ll never get tired of the stove. It looks like a repetition of words in the italian version but since the verb stufare means to bore or to tire of, to be bored or fed up essere stufo/stufa can be applied to anything and everything from your job, life, your significant other and even your social network! Sono stufa di faccialibro – I am tired of Facebook. I’m just teasing. The funny thing is that stufa as a noun is a wood stove and thereby explains my play on words: I’ll never get bored (stufa) of the stove (stufa). The 4 reasons being that it provides warmth, will save us euros on heating bills, has a space for baking, and the dogs seem to like it.

Installing the stufa

It took the delivery/installation team just under 3 hours to complete the work, but the job of painting over the bare cement (where the exhaust tube connects to the flue in the wall) is something we have to do. As a person from a place that boasts summer temps all year long, shopping for a stove was a little apprehensive. There are just so many types/models/brands to choose from, but investment-wise, the total sum of 1317€ from Outlet della Stufa was the best price quote we received after visiting a dozen retailers in the area. No worries now if the power goes out in a storm (have matches, will burn), and the big plus is that 1/4-mile up the road, the village pizzeria sells firewood at 12€/100 kilo and delivers to your doorstep.

Does that mean we're gonna be hotdogs?


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