Sagra dello Strachitunt

Pizzino in Val Taleggio – Strachitunt? Not to fear – it’s only cheese. As the son of taleggio but father to gorgonzola, strachitunt is a typical cow’s milk mountain cheese that has been gradually making a name for itself. This sagra can already count its 7th annual celebration but word must’ve got out early that Pizzino is just the place to be on the last Sunday in October of each year. Cars were lined up one after another along the narrow lane to this tiny hamlet, and it took the MotH an hour of queuing when the food service started. The line was that slow. Who in their right mind is going to wait that long to eat? Well, the answer could be in the menu. À la carte or set deal, but priced at 8€, eating here is a steal!

Sagra dello Strachitunt. menu

We’ve seen Pizzino on less populated days and the area is excellent for meandering about on the various footpaths. It’s also where we came across a goat cheese producer at Il Pavone. As much as I’d like to see the sagra grow in popularity, event organizers will need to come up with a better plan to accommodate the masses. Maybe run this event for 2 days instead of just one? More shuttle bus runs? Both lunch and dinner seatings?

Sagra dello Strachitunt: queue!

Sagra dello Strachitunt: porchetta e polenta
Polenta taragna and porchetta

Sagra dello Strachitunt: 3 formaggi
3 cheese and salame plate

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