Kauai’s beaches, beach walks, beach dogs, beach eats

Brennecke's Beach
Brennecke’s Beach, originally uploaded by Rubber Slippers In Italy on Flickr

I had all of these ambitious (read: unrealistic) plans for outdoor activities while we were on Kauai, but in the end what we did most is what every visitor dreams of as soon as they touch ground: head to the beach. It might come as a surprise that I’m not much of a sand and surf person anymore, but the MotH, being where he’s from, was more than ready to slip into a temporary lifestyle as beach bum.

The beaches that we went to are all accessible by Kauai’s public transport which is how we wanted to get around if a car wasn’t absolutely necessary. One in particular – Kealia Beach – is part of the Kapa’a coastal path, a 4.1 mile paved walkway perfect for walkers, joggers and bicycle riders. Kapa’a town is on the eastside of Kauai and home to funky cool coffee shops and breakfast joints, but it is this shoreline path that makes it stand out from the rest of the island as it is the only one at the moment.

Hanalei Bay
Hanalei Bay

Beach mutt at Kealia
Friendly dog (she came and plopped her a** on my towel) at Kealia Beach.

Kuna Bay (past Kealia beach)
Kuna Bay at the end of the Kapa’a Coastal Trail.

End of Kapa'a coastal trail
End of trail sign.

Teri-fried chicken plate
From Da Imu Hut in Hanapepe. Two scoops white rice, mac salad and teri-fried chicken. Ono! (Best with beer).


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