Auguri Attimi di Gusto!

Gelati at Attimi di Gusto
Gelati at Attimi di Gusto on via Cesare Correnti 20 (they have a 2nd location too).

Prima di tutto, auguri! [First of all, congratulations!] Well what else was I supposed to say to the gal behind the counter especially when this particular gelateria in Milan was having its one-year anniversary? I loves me a good reason to auguri anything, so upon finding out that Gelateria Attimi di Gusto was celebrating July 21st with a free small cup of gelato, I was so THERE! This is the only place I know of that makes a black sesame flavor, a flavor that has quickly risen to extreme popularity in locations like New York, San Francisco and Japan.

I offered to have MotH use the free coupon while I opted for 3 flavors (cono medio). His duo of Etna pistachio and Noto almonds was sublime. Absolutely pure flavors to the core, and so creamy! My black sesame, matcha green tea and stracciatella made with raspberries was out of this world! If we didn’t have to make our dinner reservations in 10 minutes (yes we ate dessert before dinner) I would’ve marched right back into that shop and gotten a grande with 4 scoops. But wait, that’s not all because Attimi di Gusto also carries fine chocolates plus french macarons by Franck Deville. Like I said, if we did not have to run off to dinner! The shop decor is very inviting where you can have a seat and relax before heading out, in fact, MotH said it’s one of the nicest gelato places that he has ever been to. Website

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