Casa dell’acqua

What’s this? A water house? I remember getting so excited over the raw milk machines a few years back but seeing this water dispensing unit had me thrilled, and for good reason. The ‘Staff of Life’ broke headlines a mere month ago when the entire peninsula voted on a referendum to overturn a government law allowing the privatization of water services. Everyone, it seemed, was holding their breath on the outcome. I had followed the news with enough interest to know that if the referendum had failed, the next day I would’ve gone out to buy his and her rain barrels (you never know when they might come in handy). A good thing that the people prevailed…for the time being.

There are 2 rates listed: 4 euro cents/liter for residents with a special key and 5 euro cents for those without. That’s a large savings compared to the 32.5 cents that we normally pay per liter. Bring your own bottles and select from either regular or carbonated H20. I thought this was pretty nifty until I thought about winter – not sure how I’m going to like filling up 24 bottles of water while standing in 32°F weather in the snow.

We don’t take euro pennies.


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