The weather in Italy in June


Cloudy, cool, rainy, damp, foggy, occasional hail and so unsummer-like. For this area of the northern lakes and I believe much of the peninsula’s upper third, June has been rather wet so far. We get updates from MotH’s folks near Milan and it’s the same, if not worse, so them, us, and all the rest of the landlubbers have been waiting for a break in this monotonous weather. And a break is what we had yesterday. The skies cleared up a bit and we headed out for the huge commercial shopping center along with every other soul that felt deserving of a little retail therapy. I had intentions of taking photos of Maddie going shopping in Ikea and Leroy Merlin (a Home Depot type of store) where doggies are allowed as long as they are on a leash, but I forgot the camera at home.


Gloomy weather does have its purpose though because that’s when projects are born out. After the initial stage of designing a simple pergola for the terrace, MotH purchased and prepped all of the pieces, waited until the skies cleared, then rang the neighbor for a hand. Yesterday was one of the nicest days in the whole month.



The only thing left are the pieces to lay across the top. We still haven’t decided on what type of vining plant to grow as shade cover (no grapes or flowering ones because of the bugs) so in the meantime it’s back to Ikea to look for cloth that is sturdy and appropriate. I like the diffused lighting and fluid look that this draped ceiling gives. Any ideas?


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