The making of bagòss

Formaggio Bagoss
Formaggio Bagoss, originally uploaded by archiviw32 / CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

On the topic of cheese….again. Slow Food’s upcoming grand event may be on my Top 10 list, but it is photos like this one that tells a story most never even get to see in the flesh. Often times our hikes through alpine pastures take us past several malghe (singular is malga), the rustic buildings used as stables for the herd and as a dwelling place for shepherds during the summer grazing period. We have never been in one, let alone one that was in full swing of producing cheese, so I thought this video might be of interest to cheese lovers like myself who are curious about the man (or woman) behind the joy that goes on your wheat thins and fancy crackers. The following clip runs a bit long but the videography, editing and music transform it into a mini-documentary that almost begs to be viewed without translation. It is shot as if you’re standing right there in the middle of the room, which is all the more better to be able to appreciate the artisanal skill that goes into making bagòss.

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