The silent bell tower at Lago Resia

Bell tower at Lago Resia

If it weren’t for this partially submerged campanile we probably wouldn’t have gone the extra distance to Alto Adige’s western end in Val Venosta (Austria’s border was only 3+ miles away). I’ve seen photos of the bell tower when the lake was not frozen over, so experiencing this in winter and getting up close was – how should I describe it – cooler than cool? The bell tower belonged to Graun village (that was flooded to build a dam), but of course legend says that you can still hear the bells ring during winter, even if they’ve been removed long ago. With the mountains as a backdrop, Lago Resia is a magical place.

Glorenza: one of the most beautiful villages in Val Venosta

Riedl BäckereiItaly is “choked” with beautiful, old villages, but some stand out more than others especially when listed in I Borghi più Belli d’Italia. I’m going to come clean and say that my primary intent was to visit Riedl, the bakery with the golden bretzel/pretzel for a shop sign. It looked so delightfully european, but unfortunately when we arrived the doors were closed for lunch. The up side to all this is that with no bakery to hang out in, we took a longer time strolling around the village’s medieval walls, appreciating Glorenza during low season when there aren’t too many tourists.

Outside Glorenza's village walls

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