Maiale in Pentola (pork in a pot)

Waiting for porky deliciousness

Albavilla, Como – Maiale in Pentola did not have a whole hog roasting on a spit but that didn’t make it any easier in deciding what to order from the long list of dishes on the menu. Garganelli pasta with pork sausage and cream, cazzuola, mixed grill, pork sandwiches and plenty of polenta. This was a very well-organized event where you select your meal choices up front and pay, take a seat anywhere you like, then someone comes to check the receipt and returns with your order. Super service! We arrived just after 7pm with several families already waiting at the tables and soon after the place started filling up fast. I love the festive atmosphere where whole families from grandparents to grandchildren are having the best time together. In total we spent 16€ for 2 main plates and 2 cups of wine – tasty and cheap!


Cazzuola or cassoeula. I’ve written about this Lombardy special before and am always on the lookout for menus or sagra events that feature this delectable dish.

Mixed grilled pork with fries

It looks like a simple plate of grilled pork (salsiccia, salamella, costine) and fries but it tasted like a king’s feast after a day out hiking in the snow. As a matter of fact, it was the sun and snow that wore us out for the evening, causing the wine to start taking effect…

Hiking the trails around Valcava

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